How to Train Your ConFusion Ribbon Order Form
Badge Ribbons at ConFusion are a fact. Following the traditions of many other fandom conventions, Badge Ribbons can be seen throughout our membership.

As a convention, ConFusion uses Badge Ribbons to denote various working positions within our con; AASFA Board, ConCom, Staff, and Volunteers. We also use Badge Ribbons to denote our Guests of Honor, Panelists, Dealers, and Artist Alley Artists. We even offer a Badge Ribbon for a donation made to our annual Charity.

Not only does ConFusion use Badge Ribbons, but our Membership uses Badge Ribbons in their own unique, fun ways! Throughout the con you may see your fellow Attendees sharing ribbons, trading ribbons, or leaving ribbons about for others to find. As you look around ConFusion you will see many Badge Ribbons, and you may even want to collect them all.

If you would like to place an order for your own personalized Badge Ribbons, you may do so by using our Ribbon Order Form below.

To place an order through How to Train Your ConFusion Ribbon Form, you must provide your valid email address. A copy of your order form responses will be automatically emailed to you. Your email address will not be provided to our Ribbon Vendor. You will receive a PayPal Invoice to the provided email.

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How to Train Your ConFusion Ribbon Ordering Information
*Ribbon Orders Are Due Before: 11:59:59pm EST. December 15, 2019.

*You must provide a valid email address for us to process your order and send your PayPal Invoice.

*Payment via PayPal Invoice must be received no later than 11:59:59pm EST. December 27, 2019.

*Only Ribbons that have been paid for will be ordered.

*We do not edit Ribbons for spelling, grammar, or other corrections. What you type in the Title field of the form is what your Ribbon will state.

*Ribbons are 4" x 1.58" horizontal, with front facing adhesive strip.

*We do not ship Ribbons to anyone. You must pick your Ribbons up at the Registration Table during the Convention.

*Any orders sent directly to Marco are not a part of the ConFusion Order, and ConFusion does not take responsibility or payments for those orders.

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You will need your ID to pick up your ribbons.
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The words that will appear on your ribbon. 50 character max recommended. Be advised long winded phrases will print small in order to fit onto the ribbon. ConFusion is not responsible for print sizes.
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Select Ribbon Color: *
Please choose the color of Ribbon you want. To view a Chart of Ribbon Colors visit:
Select Imprint (text) Foil Color *
Please choose the color of the text on your ribbon. A gentle reminder, for best viewablity, double check that you are not putting light text on a light ribbon or dark text on a dark ribbon. To view a chart with Ribbon Colors and Imprint Colors, visit:
Quantity and Cost: *
Please choose the quantity of Ribbons for this order. Cost is $14.00 for setup and an additional .17c per ribbon. There is also a Paypal Processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30.
I have double checked the Title, Ribbon Color, Imprint (text) Color, and Quantity. *
By checking this, you are stating that you wish this order to be placed exactly as it has been input. I understand ConFusion does not edit for spelling, grammar, or other corrections.
ConFusion will send you a PayPal link to the email providedon this form, within 72 hours. BEFORE SUBMITTING, if you have any questions, please e-mail, and we will be happy to help.
Thank you for placing your order for Ribbons. If you have more than one Ribbon to order, please feel free to re-use the order form. We look forward to seeing your creative ribbons at How to Train Your ConFusion.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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