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Theo & Brom's Reseller program runs on a Wallet + Dropship system.

What is a Wallet + DropShip System?

Our Wallet + Dropship System is an innovative program that allows Resellers to conduct business remotely and more efficiently.

It eliminates the usual Reseller headaches of inventory management, product storage, product spoilage, and last-mile delivery.

A Reseller can then operate from anywhere in the world, and grow a business within the areas that Theo & Brom PH currently serves: Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Bulacan.

How Does It Work?


Instead of a Minimum Order Quantity, Resellers can choose a Top-up Amount Package that unlocks a corresponding discount tier. The higher the Top-up Amount, the higher the discount per item.

This eliminates the usual Reseller headaches brought about by inventory management, product storage, product handling, and product spoilage.

Resellers can just transact their orders for their clients at their own convenience via our website, and use the consumable amount they have in their Wallet.

A Reseller's Wallet balance is updated daily based on the transactions they place which can be exclusively viewed online by the Reseller.


Theo & Brom takes care of storage, handling, and delivery to Reseller's customers.

All items stored with us are covered by insurance as well, so a Reseller can rest assured that all their orders will be safe until it reaches their customer.

A Reseller can thus focus on just marketing the products to their customers without having to worry about delivery and shipments.


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