Columbine Figure Skating Club 2018 Skating Around the World Ice Show Registration Registration deadline is March 24, 2018.
Please complete one form for each skater.
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I wish to skate in the Father/Child Skate - Skater must be at LTS Beginner 4 or higher or Competitive Level 3 or higher *
$20 additional fee (includes skate rental for dad). Dads wear a suit and female skaters wear a white dress and male skaters wear black pants and white shirt. Skater must be at LTS Beginner 4 or higher or Competitive Level 3 or higher.
Costume Sizing
When measuring DO NOT pull tight to measure, there should be room for a finger or two between the tape measure and the body.
Skater Costume Measurements
Please use a cloth tape and include all measurements in inches (to the nearest 1/4"). Skaters may need to purchase skating tights for the show.  We will have tights available for purchase if needed.
Place the tape at mid shoulder, let the other end drop to the floor, reach through legs from back, pull tape up to meet at starting point at mid-shoulder.
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B: Bust *
Measure across the chest, underarm to underarm.
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C: Waist *
Measure all the way around the body at or just above the belly button.
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D: Hips *
Measure all the way around the body at the hips.
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E: Inseam *
Measure from the crotch to the ankle on the inside of the leg.
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F: Outseam *
Measure from the waist to the ankle on the outside of the leg.
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T-Shirt size, a Skating Around the World T-shirt is Included with registration
Skater's Agreement and Consent
By initialing below I agree to participate in 2018 Skating Around the World, hosted by Columbine Figure Skating Club. I understand that, in order for the show to be successful, I will show up on time, participate in all required rehearsals (listed below), including the dress rehearsal May 4 from 5-8 pm. I will comply with the SafeSport Skater Code of Conduct, Parent Code of Conduct and SafeSport Locker room policy below. I will fully cooperate with the assigned choreographer and the show director, and respect my peers and fellow skaters. I understand that prior to the ice show and dress rehearsal I will only wear my costume for my fitting. I will not make any changes to the appearance of my costume prior to the ice show. I allow CFSC to take photos of my skater(s) and share them on the Columbine FSC website, newsletter and displays at the Apex . I will ensure my registration payment is paid no later than March 24, 2018. I understand that if I choose to cancel my participation in the ice show, I will not be refunded for any funds.
Rehearsal Schedule
Assigned rehearsal times should only change if skating level placement is adjusted by the skating director (this is rare). Extra ice time will be is available for groups that may need more practice. These time will be assigned by the skating direct based upon need.
SafeSport Skater Code of Conduct

As a member of our club, all skaters must adhere to this Code of Conduct at all times.
General Guidelines:
Columbine Figure Skating Club is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for members’
physical, emotional and social development and ensuring that it promotes an environment free of misconduct. This Skater Code of Conduct has been established to ensure the safety of all members using our ice to ensure quality practice time for all home club, associate, non-members and guests who purchase ice from the club and who participate in all club-related activities.
All skaters, regardless of whether they hold home club, associate, non-member or guest status, must follow and uphold the provisions in this Skater Code of Conduct regarding behavior on and of the ice. All club members are expected
to exhibit good sportsmanship and be courteous toward their fellow skaters, coaches, parents/ guardians of skaters, U.S. Figure Skating officials and guests.
Columbine Figure Skating Club is committed to promoting a positive and friendly environment for all skaters. Remember ‘The Golden Rule’ — treat other people like you want to be treated — with respect.

Ice Etiquette and Safety:
While in lesson or practice, it is the skater’s responsibility to always be conscientious and aware of other skaters around them.
Skaters must skate with the flow of other skaters and familiarize themselves with the most commonly used areas for jumps and spins.
The only time a skater has the SOLE right of way is when they are skating their program to music. When you hear another member’s music, please extend that person the courtesy and move out of their path momentarily. This only takes a moment and you will enjoy the same courtesy while you are performing your program.
Advanced skaters are expected to exhibit patience toward beginner members of the club. Remember, you were an inexperienced skater once, and it takes time for our future generation to advance to the point where they are completely comfortable skating with all levels of skaters.
Unsafe or Discourteous Behavior:
Unsafe or discourteous behavior of any kind will not be tolerate.

SafeSport Parent Code of Conduct
U.S. Figure Skating Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct
Columbine Figure Skating Club is committed to creating
a safe and positive environment for members’ physical, emotional and social development and ensuring that it promotes an environment free of misconduct.
By signing below I hereby agree that:
1. I will encourage good sportsmanship by my actions, demonstrating positive support for all skaters, coaches, and
officials at every practice, competition and test session.
2. I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child and others ahead of my desire to win.
3. I will encourage my child to skate in a safe and healthy environment by maintaining a respectful and courteous attitude to others.
4. I will promptly inform my child’s coach of any physical/mental disability or challenge a effecting my child that may a effect the safety of my child or others.
5. I will teach my child that doing his/her best is more important than winning.
6. I will not to ridicule, bully, blame, or yell at my child or other skaters, coaches, offcials or volunteers in response to a poor performance or for any other reason.
7. I will do my best to make skating fun at all times and will remember that my child partici- pates in sports for his/her own enjoyment and satisfaction.
8. I will teach my child to treat other skaters, coaches, fans, volunteers, o cials, and rink sta with respect, regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation or ability. I will also take action and report any acts of bullying, harassment or abuse to the appropriate authorities.
9. I will applaud any report in both victory and defeat emphasizing positive accomplishments and learning from mistakes.
10. I will teach my child to resolve conflicts calmly and peacefully without resorting to hostility or violence.
11. I will be a positive role model for my child and others.
12. I will demand a gure skating environment for my child that is free of drug or alcohol abuse and agree that I will not use or provide to a third-party any illegal drug prohibited by applicable federal, state, or municipal law.
13. I will not assist or condone any athlete’s use of a banned substance as described by the In- ternational Olympic Committee, International Skating Union, United States Olympic Committee, or U.S. Figure Skating, or, in case of athletes, to use such drugs or refuse to submit to properly conducted drug tests administered by one of these organizations.
14. I will expect my child’s coach to be in compliance with all requirements of U.S. Figure Skating and the Professional Skaters Association, to continue their education and training through programs offered by U.S. Figure Skating, the Professional Skaters Association and other accredited organizations.
Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct
15. I will respect my child’s coach and refrain from “side line” coaching my child or other skaters.
16. I will respect the decisions of offcials, their authority and decisions during competitions and test sessions and teach my child to do the same.
17. I will show appreciation and recognize the importance of volunteers and club officials. I will fulfill my responsibility to help my club with membership, special projects, competitions and test sessions.
18. I agree to report to the appropriate entity/party any SafeSport or Code of Conduct violations that I observe to the SafeSport Chair Jen Betz or Kirsten Kelly columbineskating.
19. I will become familiar with the rules of the U.S. Figure Skating and teach my child accordingly.
20.I will support and respect all skaters and their right to participate.
SafeSport Locker Room Policy - Note: The use of any recording and photographic devices inside a locker room/changing area is strictly prohibited.
Locker Rooms and Changing Areas
Athletes are particularly vulnerable in locker rooms/changing areas and restrooms due to various stages of dress/undress and because they are less supervised than at many other times. Athlete-to-athlete problems, misconduct, bullying, harassment and hazing may occur when a coach or other responsible adult is not in a position to observe. Adherence to a locker room/changing area policy enhances privacy and reduces the likelihood of misconduct.
As part of U.S. Figure Skating’s commitment to safety, U.S. Figure Skating encourages all member clubs and programs to publish and post locker room/changing area policies specific to the facilities and distribute them to parents and guardians of all minor participants and members.
Clubs should include the following information in their policy:
• Procedures for supervising and monitoring locker rooms and changing areas
• Permission or prohibition for parents/guardians to be in the locker rooms
• Prohibited conduct, including at least all forms of abuse and misconduct prohibited by U.S. Figure Skating
• Speci c policies regarding the use of mobile digital devices (e.g. mobile phones) and prohib- iting the use of all recording and photographic devices
Co-Ed Locker Rooms
If the club activity or event consists of both female and male participants, both female and male privacy rights must be given consideration and appropriate locker room and changing arrangements made. Where possible, member clubs and programs should have female and male skaters dress/undress in separate locker rooms. If separate locker rooms are not available, the skaters will take turns using the locker room to change or use the appropriate restroom within the facility.
Locker rooms used for warm-up and that are intended to be co-ed will be labeled as such and require that the door to be open at all times.
In the event of a medical situation or emergency, U.S. Figure Skating officials working on behalf of the event (such as doctor, physical therapist, chief referee) or emergency medical personnel will be permitted into the locker room/changing area.
The use of any recording and photographic devices inside a locker room/changing area is strictly prohibited.
Locker rooms and changing areas at U.S. Figure Skating competitive events are for athletes only, will be labeled with regard to specific use and where identified will be gender specific. An exception can be made for athletes 11 years old and younger that will allow for one parent of the same sex to assist their child immediately prior to and after their skating event(s). Synchronized and Theatre on Ice teams have separate locker room policies and should refer to the specific policies for teams on the SafeSport webpage.
Any violation of this policy will be addressed under the U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Program and U.S. Figure Skating Ethics/Grievance procedures.
To view event specific locker room policies, please visit
Skater Initials
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Please complete your payment using Paypal at or leave a check in the Columbine Box at the Apex ice desk (you can ask them to drop the check in for you).
$110 - Columbine Figure Skating Club Member or Alpine Figure Skating Club Member (includes costume & T-shirt)
$130 - Learn To Skate Student (includes costume & T-shirt)
$20 - Father Child Skate
$20 - DVD pre-order
Where do my fees go?
65% - Ice Time
10% - Lighting
10% - Coaching
5% - Guest Skaters
5%- Costumes & T- shirts
3%- Printing - Marketing
2% - Favors Gifts for Skaters
Tickets to the Ice Show are $5 per person when purchased in advance. They will go on sale in April.
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