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MediThrive History
1933 Mission street first opened its doors to patients in desperate need of cannabis as a medicine in 1996 making our location the oldest operational cannabis dispensary in the United States!
Then in 2009 after a remodel to enhance the customer experience, our location was rebranded as MediThrive.

When was our location rebranded as MediThrive? *
We Are a Historic Local Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Service
MediThrive and its operators ARE NOT a corporate multi-store or franchise operated from outside the Bay Area by non-local, big business, investment bankers, funded by exclusively profit seeking elites. We were never, nor will we ever be, a part of the illegal market selling low quality, pesticide laced and potentially harmful, cannabis products that were not lab tested.

On the contrary, MediThrive's local operation has always been run by San Francisco natives who have lived in the Mission district for many years. We have been involved in the cannabis community since the 1990s, providing cannabis as medicine to everyone. This passion sparked when a family member was in need of cannabis to ease their pain and symptoms. They eventually passed from cancer.
MediThrive is a: *
How many California, Bay Area, and San Francisco based equity brands does Medithrive carry and help promote?
In addition to regularly stocking over 80+ brands and approximately 400 products on our menu; we happily work hard to carry as many "quality equity brands" as possible. We typically carry an average of 5 California, Bay Area, and San Francisco based equity brands, which is more than most other retailers. Our buyer makes every effort to give as many equity brands as possible an opportunity to present themselves to our patients and customers. We even have dedicated prime retail shelving for our equity brand partners!
How many San Francisco based equity brands can you typically find on the shelves at MediThrive? *
Loyal MediThrive Customer Perks!
We have taken every step possible to ensure that you receive the highest level of service in your shopping experience including the possibility of using credit cards! While that might not be a big deal in other industries, in cannabis less than 5% of dispensaries and delivery services take credit cards!

(Please, see our website for rules and details.)
What percentage of cannabis dispensaries and delivery services take credit cards? *
Loyalty is key!
BOTH our loyal in-store and delivery customers are extremely well rewarded with the BEST LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM in the cannabis industry. You can RECEIVE and REDEEM your loyalty points when shopping both in-store and via delivery.

(Please, see our website for rules and details.)
Who do we offer loyalty points to? Which customers? *
Price will never be a reason to shop elsewhere!
We are relentless in working with our brand partners to make sure we are getting the best prices on the products you love and passing the savings straight down to you so rest assured that you are getting the best prices possible by shopping with us.

That's why we have our "BEAT'EM BUY A BUCK" campaign.  Simply put, you won't find the same brands and products at one of our competitors for cheaper, but if you do,  we will beat their price by one dollar.

(Please, see our website for rules and details.)
What will we do if you find another dispensary or delivery service who offers the same brand and product cheaper than we do? *
You can out do Santa and  be a gift giver all year long!
We are making gift giving super easy because we now offer a GIFT CARD that you can give your friends in multiple dollar value increments. Or if you purchase a GIFT CARD for $250 or more, YOU WILL GET AN ADDITIONAL $50 IN LOYALTY-POINTS. So you get a gift and they get a gift; everybody wins!  

(Please, see our website for rules and details.)
When you purchase a GIFT CARD for $250 or more, how much more $$ value do we hook you up with? *
Spread the love & REFER-A-FRIEND!
Spreading love and good times always feels better than receiving! But being able to do both is amazing! So we want to start that spread by offering you our REFER-A-FRIEND program.

It's easy!

Simply send our REFER-A-FRIEND link to as many friends as you want. If they are not already existing MediThrive customers, they get 20% OFF their first purchase & you get 20% OFF too! Once your friends are also setup in our LOYALTY REWARDS program they can also refer their friends.

So spread the love and REFER-A-FRIEND!

(Please see our website for rules and details.)
When you Refer a Friend, what percentage off will you and your friends get? *
Punctuality , accessibility,  & respect for your time!
Besides having one of the best curated menus and great deals for our customers, we fanatically focus on customer service!

We want you to have the best possible experience that includes:

1. A safe, pleasant, fun, expedited, and easy in-store and online shopping experience
2. Real and friendly people to speak and interact with in-person and over the phone
3. A delivery service that brings your cannabis directly to your door in an expedited and punctual time frame  

We all know how busy and congested the bay area traffic is, especially during morning and early evening rush hours. But we strategize and work hard to be punctual or even early when bringing you your order.

The delivery time for most Bay Area cannabis delivery services averages between 90-120 minutes. The wider the service area, the longer the delivery times. But because we centralize our delivery area, focusing on San Francisco and Contra Costa our average delivery time is shorter, averaging between 60-90 minutes.  (We use a separate vehicle for all other areas.)

For customers who order during "Off Peak Traffic Times," it's often even faster! If you don't know when those times are, give us a call, and we will be happy to tell you.

What is the average cannabis delivery time for most Bay Area based cannabis delivery services? *
What is the average cannabis delivery time for Medithrive? *
Its a Small World After All!
Please feel free to call us and speak directly to one of our friendly and passionate cannabis advisors.

You can discuss your needs in over 5+ Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese.
How many languages can you place an order in with our staff? *
Why do you choose a particular cannabis dispensary or delivery service to be your preferred provider? (No wrong answer here. Select 3 of the options below.) *
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