Chionesu Bakari Program For Young Men INITIAL INQUIRY QUESTIONNAIRE
Thank you for your interest in the Chionesu Bakari Program For Young Men (CB). Please take a moment to complete this form in its entirety, it will help our staff get a better understanding of your son, his needs and if CB is the best fit for him.

Upon receipt of this completed questionnaire you will be contacted shortly via email.

Interviews with each family and CB Staff are the next step in the process to determine if CB is the right fit for your son and family. You will be notified by email (upon receipt of this questionnaire) as to the availability or status of interviews.

We currently have a waiting list for enrollment.


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Has your son ever been arrested?
Has a doctor or health professional ever told you that your son has any of the following conditions?
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Does your son have any additional special needs?
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What form of discipline do you use with your son?
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How did you hear about Chionesu Bakari Program For Young Men?
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