Multicultural Young Adult Advisory Board
The Multicultural Young Adult Advisory Board (MYAB) was established in the summer of 2017 with the intention of addressing mental health in cultural communities. It was drawn from the understanding that western approaches to mental health was and is still not effective for cultural communities thus resulting in the creation of MYAB. As the formation of MYAB grows, there’s a need to build on the identity of MYAB and what it stands for. A two day retreat was held in 2018 to address this need. Through the retreat, MYAB established the following:
MYAB will be led by young people (18-35 prioritizing young adult voices) building practices and culture on mental health in a way that makes sense to their communities.
MYAB vision is to develop practices and dialogue on what does wellness look like in the leadership of MYAB, in cultural communities and within cross cultural communities. These practices and dialogue will be led by the board and by the communities in the hope of addressing how wellness treatment are implemented systematically.
The existing theory of change is that MYAB will develop self care, wellness languages and terminology for themselves and for the communities with the hope that in term, healthcare practitioners and professionals will adapt to best serve cultural communities.
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