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What type of shots are you hoping to capture? *
Ex: On-figure eCommerce for product pages, on-location lifestyle, flat lay-down product shots, in-studio editorial, etc.
Will you be providing all styling pieces?
Ie. You would you like us to source bottoms with tops, shoes, earrings, etc?
What is the retail price point of the apparel that we are shooting?
Describe the items and quantity that you need photographed? *
Ex: WOMENS: 10x full length dresses, 6x pairs of leggings, 12x sweaters. MENS: 20x graphic tees, 16x denim jeans, etc.
What is the intended goal for your final photos?
Where will these images primarily be viewed?
Who are you closest competitors?
Thinking of your past shoots, what is one thing that you would like to avoid this time around?
Are there any images of your competitors that you particularly like / dislike? Why?
Feel free to provide links to images.
If you have links to images that you would like yours to emulate, please provide them below:
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