Moapa Valley Revitalization Project
The Moapa Valley Revitalization Project is a non-profit organization. The goal of the MVRP is to create a community locals can be proud of. Where store fronts are no longer vacant and tourists have a reason to stop and explore. Having a quaint community that encourages tourism is a great way to spark our local economy without changing what it is that makes it unique.

Membership Levels:
Volunteer: $0 Annually
Individual: $25 Annually
Business: $50 Annually

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Volunteer: Help out during events and projects. No annual dues

Individual: $25 per Year. Be an MVRP member and help organize and facilitate projects and events to help shape our community!

Business:$50 per year. MVRP Business members will be featured on all social media and websites.

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Terms and Conditions
As a member of the MVRP, please be aware that during events, volunteer projects and attending community meetings, there will be occasions when you may be photographed and/or videotaped by the newspaper and or media.

Photographs taken by the MVRP and its members require your permission to use. By choosing Grant or Deny below, you may choose to grant or deny the MVRP permission to use any photos or videos taken by members of the group to be used on the MVRP Facebook page, submitted for newspaper articles, newsletters, web-site, online, brochures, special fundraising activities etc., for use in public understanding and support of the MVRP. By granting permission below, you hereby release and hold harmless the Moapa Valley Revitalization from any claims, judgments or demands which may arise from the use of the above referenced photographs and/or videotapes.

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