“Creative ways of Integrating ICT in the classroom”
Training course with workshops

Syros Island, Cyclades, Greece

Mainly directed to Teachers, Head Teachers, Teacher Trainers and Counselors
7 days (42 hours) + 2 travelling days = 9 days

Staff training: this activity supports the professional development of target group in the form of participation in structured courses

Due to the constant ICT evolution, ICT is more and more integrated into everyday life aspects. Education, as the main way to individual development, also participates in this trend. However, educators find them hard to integrate them into their classroom and use them as a vehicle for better learning. The aim of this seminar is to offer to teachers ways to integrate a selection of free ICT tools in their classroom, in such a way that students will benefit the most, learn how to communicate, collaborate and be creative

We have developed a 7-day program, specific for teachers so that they could get to know a collection of ICT Tools and successfully implemented scenarios in class.
There are, mainly, three kinds of classes:
 Those in which an expert comes and shares his/her experience
 Participative classes, in which participants share their experience and knowledge
 Group work where projects and activities will be implemented
- Introducing ICT in the classroom
- Online Learning Environments, MOODLE, EDMONDO, OPEN E-CLASS
- Use of Blog in class. Make the most of it. WORDPRESS, BLOGGER
- Web 2.0 Tools, Google Tools, Mind Meister
- Digital storytelling, Storybird, KAHOOT, CANVA, LOOM PC VIDEO, ACTION BOUND
- Online Assessment tools and quizzes, Quizlet, Socrative
- Evaluation- Networking

Training centre: KOINSEP-CYCLADES

20 July 2020– 27 July 2020 - Syros GREECE

Accomodation-Logistic Services :ANADRASIS
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