Teacher Pipeline Programs Principal Recommendation Form
Dear Principals,

One or more of your paraprofessionals would like to enter one of The Foundation for OKCPS’ teacher pipeline programs. Please see below for an explanation of each program. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mary Mélon at 405-604-5977 or mary@okckids.com.

Bilingual Teacher Pipeline Program (BTPP): Provides financial and academic support for paraprofessionals already working in OKCPS to earn their teaching certification. Upon successful completion, the bilingual paraprofessionals become full-time teachers in OKCPS. Participants’ books, tuition and certification tests are completely covered. We offer coursework at four locations: Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City, Rose State College and University of Central Oklahoma.

Diversity Pipeline Program (DPP)— Inspired by the success of the Bilingual Teacher Pipeline Program (BTPP), the Diversity Pipeline Program is for all paraprofessionals of color. OKCPS is committed to increasing diversity in its teacher ranks, knowing that this will improve outcomes for students. The Diversity Pipeline Program gives valued OKCPS employees the chance to finish college and earn their teaching certificate - with no debt - while staying employed full time.

This program does require your employee to:
- Have completed at least one year as an employee of OKCPS.
- Be in good standing as determined by OKCPS HR and previous performance evaluations

* In the event of an issue with a BTPP/DPP employee's work performance or course schedule, please reach out to Mary Mélon at 405-604-5977 or mary@okckids.com

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