Portage Park Farmers Market: 2022 Vendor Application
Applications must be submitted by MAY 1, 2022. Both returning and new vendors should fill out this application. Applications will be considered in the order they are received and according to need of product.
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The Portage Park Farmers Market is committed to making this market successful for all parties involved. We are continuously looking for ways to attract and expand our customer base, and are deeply grateful to all vendors for the effort put forth to make this market a success.
The Portage Park Farmers Market is an entity of Friends of Portage Park, a not-for-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, and relies on volunteer support from our community. Our market location is provided by the Chicago Park District and all Park District rules and regulations apply to the use of market grounds.

The mission of the Portage Park Farmers Market is to bring locally and regionally produced foods into our community, educating our community about food and sustainability.

The Portage Park Farmers Market
5544 W. Hutchinson St.
Chicago, IL 60641

Portage Park (city park) near the intersection of Long Avenue & Irving Park Road.

The market will operate the first, third, and fifth (if applicable) Sundays of the month from 10am to 2pm, except for the first Sunday in July (due to the Independence Day holiday). 2022 market days are 6/5, 6/19, 7/17, 7/31, 8/7, 8/21, 9/4, 9/18, and 10/2.

All items must be homegrown or homemade, from locally owned businesses, unless you have been given approval by the market manager to sell value-added products, in which case your own products must constitute 70% of what you sell. All produce must be grown within a 200-mile radius of zip code 60641.

You are solely responsible for ensuring your compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations. If you operate under the Cottage Food Law, all products must be labeled according to the standards of the Cottage Food Law and you must provide a current Sanitation Certificate, as well as proper signage at your table.

You may set up any time after 8:30 AM. Clean up should NEVER begin before 2pm and you are expected to stay for the entire market. You are responsible for leaving the site free of debris.

Vendors are responsible for their own booths, including chairs, tables, tents, etc., and must bring adequate weighting for tents, tables, etc. Vendors must display business name, address, and product prices at all times.

No smoking or use of tobacco is permitted in the market area.

All vendors must have a valid Illinois Sales Tax Number. Applications will not be considered complete without this.

Vendors are required to provide a certificate of insurance evidencing that the vendor has public liability insurance covering market activities in the amount of at least $1,000,000 for the duration of the 2022 market season. The certificate must list The Chicago Park District as additionally insured.

The market is an open-air event. Our policy is not to close markets due to weather unless we determine that it will be unsafe for vendors and attendees. The market will operate rain or shine unless the rare occasion occurs where we do experience severe weather or lightning that makes it potentially dangerous to be outside. We rely on local weather reports and the guidance of the City of Chicago Park District. In the event that there is inclement weather, the Market Manager will determine if the market will open and/or remain open. Vendors will be notified through email.

All members of the Portage Park Farmers Market community are expected to:

Be inclusive - The Portage Park Farmers Market embraces and supports people of all backgrounds and identities. This includes, but is not limited to, members of any sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, social and economic class, education level, color, immigration status, sex, age, size, family status, political belief, religion, and mental or physical ability. We ensure that our work is inclusive, approachable, and obtainable. We believe everyone has the right to nourishing local food — and work to provide access to everyone regardless of zip code or income level. We value diversity and are committed to listening, learning, examining, and acting on the ways we can ensure our work reflects the diversity of the communities that we serve.

Be connected - Collaboration and connectedness is centered in the approach to our work. We are community-minded and understand that our connected actions need to work together for the success of our organization. The results of our work are strengthened by listening to our community’s lived experiences.

Be respectful - All members of the PPFM community should respect one another. We do not allow any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment or victimization. Harassment includes bullying, intimidation, direct insults, malicious gossip, and victimization.

We cannot provide an exhaustive list of disrespectful behavior, but here are some examples that we consider to be disrespectful behavior:
 - Rude, impolite, or ill mannered attitude or actions toward others;
 - Vulgar language including insults, swearing, name-calling, or slanderous remarks;
 - Gossiping, or untruthful communication;
 - Threats of violence;
 - Discriminatory jokes and language;
 - Personal insults and microaggressions, especially those using racist or sexist terms;
 - Non-consensual touch;
 - Unwelcome sexual attention; to include but not limited to sharing sexually explicit or violent material via electronic devices or other means;
 - Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior.

Be communicative - Constructive, timely, solutions-oriented communication is the pillar of understanding and the first step of forward action. PPFM expects everyone to first assume positive intent in any given situation. We call each other into conversation rather than calling one another out.

Our work extends beyond our physical farmers markets. As valued members of the PPFM community, all are expected to act in coordination with this community commitment whenever engaged with or representing the organization.

MANDATORY: General Information and Market Expectations *
- Entire Season: $200 non-refundable fee
- Four- (4) Market Package: $100 non-refundable fee
- Single Market: $35 per market
Please Indicate Market Choice *
If you selected Four-Market Package or Single Market, please identify which markets you will participate in:
Please make checks payable to "Friends of Portage Park". Mail checks to: Friends of Portage Park, 5544 W. Hutchinson St., Chicago 60641 *
Business Name *
Name of Primary Business Contact *
Mailing *
City, State, Zip *
Primary Business Phone *
Secondary Business Phone (cell, home) *
Primary Business Email *
Website Address (if none, please write N/A) *
Social Media Handles (Facebook, Instagram). If none, write N/A *
Market Staffing: List individual(s) responsible for market-day stall management and sales other than yourself, if any. Include full name, email, and phone number. *
As described above, all vendors must be registered with the Illinois Department of Revenue and have a valid Illinois Sales Tax Number. Applications will not be considered complete with out this. Vendors are required to provide a certificate of insurance evidencing that the vendor has public liability insurance covering market activities with coverage limits of at least $1,000,000 for the 2022 market season and such certificate of insurance must name the Chicago Park District as an additional insured.  Submit proof of registration with the Illinois Department of Revenue & proof of insurance to Friends of Portage Park by email or mail.
Sales Tax: Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) Account ID (formerly Illinois Business Tax Number (IBT)) *
I will submit proof of sales tax by email or mail along with my application. *
Insurance: Vendors are required to provide a certificate of insurance evidencing that the vendor has public liability insurance covering market activities in the amount of at least $1,000,000 for the period of the 2022 market season. The certificate must list the Chicago Park District as additionally insured. Initial that you understand and will comply. *
Policy Number: *
Expiration Date: *
I will submit proof of insurance by email or mail along with my application. *
Please complete sections as they pertain to your business. Please be as detailed as possible.
BAKERS/PREPARED FOODS: Please list all products and prepared foods you plan to sell at the market. Please least the major ingredients used in these items.
HEALTH INSPECTIONS: All processed foods that are prepared in a kitchen that has been inspected and approved by the appropriate governmental agencies. Please provide the following:                                            Location of Kitchen, Phone, Inspecting Agency, Inspection Date, Inspecting Agent, Expiration Date
I will submit a copy of my Sanitation Certificate by email or mail.
Clear selection
GROWERS: Please provide a brief description of your land (acreage, greenhouses, etc.), production practices (pest management, weed control, etc.), and anything else you'd like to include.
MEATS/DAIRY: Please provide a brief description of how the animal's health is maintained and your surrounding breakdowns (pasture vs. feedlot).
Inspection; Indemnification; Compliance
At any time during normal business hours, I agree to allow the Market Manager and representatives of the Portage Park Farmers Market to inspect the premise where the products offered for sale are produced, and acknowledge that failure to do so will constitute a violation of Market rules. I understand that the Portage Park Farmers Market does not carry insurance covering individual participants and that I am required to carry such insurance myself.

The undersigned, for himself and if different, for the person, business, or organization on behalf of whom this application is submitted, hereby agrees to indemnify FOPP, the Portage Park Farmers Market, the Chicago Park District and the City of Chicago and their officers, agents, employees and assigns, for and to hold them harmless from any liability and/or for any contractual or quasi-contractual obligations to third parties in connection with any activity, events, use or occurrence at the Market.

I understand that market fees will be collected prior to the first market day and that non-payment may, at the sole discretion of the Portage Park Farmer's Market, result in suspension or removal from the market.

I agree to comply with all of Portage Park Farmers Market rules.

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