Family Survey
Another Chance Survey for Direct Family Responses
Does your family member receive the services and supports he/she needs? *
Does the service plan include things that are important to your family member? *
Is staff available to answer your questions? *
Do you feel that you and your family member are treated with respect and dignity by staff? *
If your family member has difficulty with speech or uses a different way to communicate, is there enough staff available who can communicate with him/her? *
Do you feel that your family member is satisfied with their living situation?
Do you feel that your family member's day program setting is a healthy and safe environment? *
If you have filed a complaint or grievance, are you satisfied with the way the situation was handled and resolved? *
Do you feel that Another Chance’s services make a positive difference in the life of your family member? *
In your own words, please tell us how we can improve our services and services delivery.
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