Dreamers without Borders, Winter 2017 Delegation
We invite you to apply to participate in a Life-Changing Experience!
The U.S.- Mexico Foundation’s Dreamers without Borders (DWB) program is the most prestigious binational educational and service learning program especially designed for young dreamers (beneficiaries of DACA) of Mexican origin and Mexican Americans. DWB provides with the opportunity to attain a greater understanding of the importance of the binational relationship, while strengthening the participants‘ pride in their heritage. The program’s agenda is truly unique and has proven to be a life-changing experience.

We invite you to apply in order to be considered to participate in the winter 2017 Delegation! Selected beneficiaries will be hosted cost-free in Mexico by the USMF and its partners from December 5th- December 15th. Participants will become members of “USMF Binational Young Leaders Network,” the largest binational community of youth working together to promote a positive US- Mexico Collaboration.

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1. DACA recipients, US Legal Permanent Residents (LPR) and US Citizens of Mexican origin.
2. For DACA recipients, DACA and work permit must be valid from July 15th through December 25 gth, 2017 or later.
3. For DACA recipients and US LPRs, should have left Mexico at age of 11 or younger and have not returned since then
4. For US citizens, should be first generation Mexican-American and should have never visited Mexico
5. Submit and complete this application including a video and a letter of recommendation from a Professor or employer.
6. Currently enrolled or recently graduated from University or College.
7. Between 21 and 30 years-old.
8. Commitment to participate in all activities included in the Program’s agenda. Including participation in the "Binational Young Leaders Network", which involves becoming an English mentor of a Mexican College student for a year.
9. Have not participated in previous Delegations to Mexico sponsored or co-sponsored by the USMF or any other organizations.
10. Commitment to participate in the program’s final research project (when returning to the US), which includes writing an essay of your experience and learning during your stay in Mexico.
11. Interest in promoting social development in your community of origin in Mexican thought binational collaboration.
12. Committed to attend program’s alumni reunions in the United States before and after travelling to Mexico.
13. For DACA recipients: Capable to apply for the advance parole before the deadline established by the program. IMPORTANT: If selected to participate, The US-Mexico Foundation (USMF) will provide you with an acceptance letter which you would use to apply to the Advanced Parole. The USMF will provide basic guidance in order to help you get ready to apply for the Advance Parole, the application fee (required), and professional/ legal fees associated with applying for the Advanced Parole will be your participants responsibility.
14. Non criminal record.

Program participants will be responsible for the following expenses:

· Round trip airplane tickets from city of origin in the US to Mexico City
· Fees associated with obtaining the legal documents required to travel such as passport and Advanced Parole in the case of DACA recipients.
· Local transportation to and from the hotel in Mexico City from December 5th to 10th, where participants’ will be staying during the program.
· Hotel, meals, local transportation and all other expenses associated with the days and activities NOT included in the Program’s agenda, which runs from December 5th to 15th.
· All expenses associated with personal needs, souvenirs and any other type of personal shopping
The USMF will absorb all expenses, such as hotel, meals, local transportation, attractions, conferences, and activities, incurred during the participants’ stay in Mexico City from December 5th (starting at 1:00pm local time) to December 10 (up to 11:00am local time). Additionally, the USMF will cover the expense associated with lunch and dinner on December 15th.
In the case of participants from the states of Puebla, Guerrero, Guanajuato, Estado de Mexico and Michoacan, the States’ Government will absorb all expenses incurred during the participant’s stay in the Capital of their state of origin, from December 10th (starting at 11:00am) to December 15th (up to 1:00pm local time).

*Disclosure: All the information shared through this application will be treated with care and confidentiality.

Selection criteria
1.- Due to the program’s agenda preference will be given to participants originally from Puebla, Michoacán, Guerrero, or Guanajuato. However, we encourage you to apply for this opportunity even if you are originally from a different state.
2.- Preference will be given to candidates who are genuinely interested in learning about Mexico, and in building bridges of collaboration with Mexico. Preference will also be given to candidates with proven active community participation in the United States
1.- You must Log in to your gmail account in order to have access to the application
2.- The application to the program includes 3 elements: a) Answering all the questions below in this online application, b) uploading a video, and c) uploading a letter of recommendation.
3. The video is an important component of the application. Please keep in mind the following guidelines when producing your video:
a) Use your video to tell us about your family history, your professional goals, if you feel connected to your Mexican roots or not and why you are interested in participating in this program.
b) Your video must be maximum 3 min long.
c) Be creative, the format of the video is free, it’s up to you!. It doesn’t need to be professionally made, you can record it using your smartphone. !
d) If you are a US citizen, naturalized US citizen or Legal Permanent Resident, please explain in your video if you’ve visited Mexico in the past or the reasons why you have not visited it. Please also tell us about your parents’ background, your family’s history and if you have relatives in Mexico.
4.- The letter of recommendation should be from a professor or employer.
5.- Please keep in mind that your answers will not be saved unless you reach the end of the application. It’s not possible to save your work and come back to continue answering the application. So we suggest you take the time to complete the entire application at once. We estimate it will take you around 20 minutes. You can come back (until July 10th) in to this application and edit your responses.
You can answer all the questions in the application before uploading the folder with your video and letter of recommendation. Please do not forget to upload the folder with both files (letter and video).
6.- You must submit a complete application (answers to questions, video and letter of recommendation) before August 15 th for DACA recipients, and October 30th to Mexican- Americans, and U.S. Legal Permanent Residents, in order to be considered for the program.
7.- If you already submitted an application for the Dreamers without Borders Summer 2017 and you did not receive any rejection letter, your application will be consider for the Winter 2017.
If you have any questions please email us at dreamerswithoutborders@usmexicofound.org
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