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Philanthor is building the next generation of Philanthropy foundations, managed, funded and run by the members (donors).

Learn more about us here

During this airdrop, Philanthor is giving 110 PTH tokens (with a value of ~$5 ) for those who complete the steps outlined in the Participation Rules below, and follow the general rules.

Participation RULES:

1. Join Our Telegram group - - and write a short constructive message or ask a question (no spam is allowed and if you have Airdrop questions please send in private to an admin, no need to discuss it in this group)
2. Like our Facebook page -
3. Follow us on Twitter -
4. like and retweet the Pinned Tweet:
5. follow us on

Bonus: 5. Help us grow the Telegram group by inviting friends and relevant people, and earn an additional 10 tokens (120 in total) when we reach 25K Telegram subscribers!

General rules:

1. Tokens will be delivered to the ERC20 address at the end of the crowd sale, please make sure the address is correct.
2. Only QUALIFIED participants will be listed in final spreadsheet, max allowable 20,000
3. All duplicated or partial form replies will be deleted and disqualified !
4. Privacy and Data protection:
V6 Ventures LLC the owner of Philanthor is going to receive your email, other social media accounts, and some of other information like your ERC-20 wallet, from you and store them in a local database. We will use your data only to send to you information regarding airdrop initiatives. We will manage your participation to this campaign for you thanks to the consent you will confirm at the end of this statement (you can withdraw your consent any time). You also confirm that we can publish a report with your Account Name and Your Stake. We are adopting all the needed technical measures to keep these data safe. We will treat your data in respect of international laws for data Protection and Privacy (eg. GDPR).

For any question concerning your data rights, please write to:

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