Volunteer to be a 28 Days Projecteer!
Thank you for being here, generous soul! You might say our cup runneth over. The 28 Days Project is growing (flowing?) and needs help providing women in need with less stressful periods. This form should take less than a minute to fill out, and will help us help you help us (you a copywriter, by any chance?). We'll be in touch soon!
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(This will help us coordinate activities and doesn't mean we love any less those of you not bringing others along to our period party.)
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You're done! This concludes the form portion of your volunteering. Stay tuned for the response by email event which should happen in two weeks or less!
Thank you for being you and thank you for reaching out to the 28 Days Project. Any questions, email us at contact@28daysproject.org. Peace, love and period products for all!
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