Scholars to College Confidential Applicant Evaluation
**for current 8th graders with an expected high school graduation date of 2023**
You are accessing this Evaluation Form because one of your students (current or previous) has applied to the Scholars to College Program at the Emily Krzyzewski Center in Durham, NC, and has asked you to evaluate them. ***If you are not a teacher that has taught this student in a core subject area (ELA, Social Studies, Math, or Science) during his/her middle school years, please inform the student that you are unable to complete this evaluation.***

The Scholars to College program provides individualized and comprehensive out-of-school programming to high achieving, low-income students committed to pursuing admission to a selective four-year college. Enrolled students make a four-year commitment to the program and meet benchmarks that help ensure their success in school and eventual admission to college. Programming is generally scheduled during the evenings and students are individually supported by a Counselor who is matched with him or her by the Center upon admission into the program. The Counselor works closely with the student, family, and Center to ensure that the student is meeting Scholars to College program and high school benchmarks throughout the four years in the program.

Student Admission Criteria: The Center is committed to enrolling students who are the best fit for the support this particular program provides. We seek students who demonstrate the following characteristics:

•Income and Residency-Students must reside in Durham County, NC and demonstrate financial need as evidenced by providing a copy of their most recent tax return. Financial need is determined according to federal income guidelines. Families may check for eligibility using this guide:

•Leadership & Character- Students collaborate effectively with other students and adults, display high levels of ambition and persistence, and earn positive evaluations from their teachers or community leaders.

•Academic Focus - Students have a history of academic success as evidenced by earning As and Bs in school and consistent proficiency on End of Grade and End of Course tests. Should also demonstrate intellectual curiosity.

•Family Support - Students whose families will make the commitment required to participate actively in the program, provide transportation as needed, attend parent meetings, and support the student’s development into a college-going student.

Your candid evaluation of the student’s academic performance and potential for success as a college-bound student provides valuable input in our admissions process. If the student is admitted to the program and enrolls, the information establishes a good foundation for working with the student. If you have questions, feel free to contact Camille Wilson, Director of Scholars to College, by telephone at 919-680-0308 ext. 2004 or email her at

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