Brenda and Heather's Sock Yarn Club Signup
The Basics:
• Over the course of 12 months we will release 6 unique colorways paired with 6 original sock patterns, written by Brenda and Heather.
• The patterns will be designed to accent their month's colorway.
• Various high-quality, wool-blend sock yarn bases will be used over the course of the club's run. Fiber blends may also be some percentage of alpaca, llama, cashmere, or other animal fibers.
• Colorways will be self-striping, gradient, or a kit/set.
• You will only learn what the featured colorway is when it is "revealed"
• Yarn and pattern combo will be released every other month for 1 year.
• Club's first reveal will be July, 2018, yarn will ship in August.
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Club Levels:
Skein by Skein: $38
Purchase just one month in advance, then say "yes" or "no" each month. After the first colorway you choose, additional chosen colorways will be $38 each month.

Basket Half Full: $105
Purchase 3 months in advance and receive a discounted rate. Say "yes" or "no" each month until you have picked 3 colorways. After the 3 colorways are chosen, additional chosen colorways will be $33 each month. Members at this level will receive a complimentary set of stitch markers with their first shipment.

Yarn Bombed: $198
Purchase 6 months in advance and get even more of a discount! Each month you will receive the featured colorway without having to do any work. But what if you don't want that month's colorway? You can pick a substitute from any of our regular supply of sock yarns, you will still receive that month's pattern. Members at this level will also receive a complimentary project bag and set of stitch markers with their first shipment.

Select your Club Level: *
How will I pay for my subscription and additional purchases?
You will be sent a PayPal invoice which you can pay using any payment method PayPal accepts (such as PayPal funds, credit/debit card, etc).
Can I buy extra skeins of the featured yarn?
Yes! If you really love a particular month, you may request additional skeins of the monthly color. Your price per extra skein will be: Skein by Skein: $33, Basket Half Full: $30, Yarn Bombed: $28
How will I say "yes" or "no" to a featured colorway?
Each month we will post information on our social media to alert you that we are revealing a colorway, and if you have purchased any of the club subscription levels, you will be sent a form in your email.

Simply, reply to us by filling in the answer and sending us the email. If you purchase additional yarn, we'll send you an invoice for the extra.

When will I get my yarn?
Every other month we will "reveal" a new colorway, you will have a deadline for replying to the email. The colorway will then be shipped out the next month.

We will have our first "reveal" in July, 2018, if you want that color we will ship it to you in August.

What happens if I forget to fill out my form by the deadline?
Yarn Bombed subscribers: You will automatically receive the shipment.
"Basket Half Full" and "Skein by Skein" subscribers: If you have months remaining, we will automatically ship to you. If you do not have pre-paid months remaining, you will be sent an e-invoice, and will need to pay by a certain deadline or you will not receive the yarn or pattern that month.
Is there an extra discount for joining the Sock Yarn Club?
Yes! We will offer 10% off any in-stock yarn when purchased and shipped with the club purchase. You’ll also save the normal shipping charge because we will include it in your month's shipment. Just add it to the form you'll get when you are saying "yes" to a featured yarn, and we'll send you an invoice to cover your extra purchases.
Do I pay shipping?
No, shipping is included in your subscription purchase.
Do I pay sales tax?
Indiana residents will be charged sales tax.
Will there be Knit-Alongs?
Of course! We'll be maintaining a thread in our Ravelry group so that you can join our bi-monthly knit-alongs, ask questions, show off your progress, and even be entered into random drawings for fun extras.
How will I receive the patterns for the months I choose?
Each month that you select to receive the featured colorway, you will get a printed copy of the month's pattern in your shipment, as well as a digital download code for that month.

Downloads will go through so that you can add them to your Ravelry Library. If you don't have a Ravelry account you will still be able to download the patterns.

Can I trade out a pattern if I don't like it?
Sorry, no. Each month will have a featured pattern, and that pattern will only be included for that month.
Can I purchase patterns for the months I pass on the featured colorway (or missed because I signed up late)?
Yes, you will be able to purchase copies on
Can I buy yarn for a month I earlier passed on (or missed because I signed up late)?
Sorry, no. The club colorways will be dyed for a specific month's release. That's not to say you will "never" get the chance to buy them, but while the club is running, we will not redye a previous month for those that have passed on it, or signed up late.
Can I find out what all the colorways are for the club?
Sorry, no. Every other month we will reveal a colorway for you to say "yes" or "no" to, but we will not reveal any future colorways until the month they are due out. Anticipation is part of the fun!
Can I return yarn that I later decide I do not like?
Sorry, all sales are final, and there are no returns or exchanges. While we are able to get an accurate color representation in a photograph, we understand that individual monitors can have an effect on color. If you have any qualms about ordering because the color isn't quite what you like, we suggest that you do not pick the color for that month.
Do you have questions that you would like answered before you complete the form?
Please send us an email before you submit this form and we will address any questions that you have:
I don't live in the United States, or Canada, can I join the club?
Sorry, no. Currently, we are only able to sell to the United States and Canada.
To continue you must check the box below and confirm that you have read all the above information and understand that you are not completely registered for the club until you have received, and paid your e-invoice in-full.
Thank you for signing up for our club! -Brenda and Heather
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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