2019-20 IDEA Region A Questionnaire ~ Helping to Plan Activities & Field Trips. Please Give Us Your Input!

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Each year family interests and offerings in the Region A community change with the customized interest of the families who are homeschooling. This questionnaire allows the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and Sally (your Field Rep) to give their best effort towards establishing connections and learning opportunities for the Region A IDEA families based on the current interest.
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Volunteer Meeting August 20, 2019
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IDEA believes it is important to have parent input at all levels of the program. Your input is vital. You can choose to respond to surveys or send notes to the PAC members....or you can attend the PAC meeting at the office. Most of the time you can attend via Facebook. It is NOT everybody's season every year....but we want you to understand that your counsel is necessary. We'd love to have you help from home doing research and sending information to be posted, or helping with one of the clubs or groups, even developing a group centered around your child's interests. Many parents form and lead groups from their homes. The PAC meets for 1 and 1/2 hours a month to advise the field rep and administration through her. We post live in real time notes on Facebook. One PAC person travels to meet with Galena administration once a year (in Galena or in Fairbanks) to share with our Galena City School District Board. We hope you'll consider joining us in some way.
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