Trinity Lutheran Church Usage Form
In consideration for the use of the Trinity Lutheran Church facility, any individual or their affiliated/sponsored group will receive no medical payments resulting from injuries sustained from direct use of the facility. Acceptance and use of the facility releases Trinity Lutheran Church & School, its officers, directors and employees from all liability arising from the use of the facility.
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I understand that a $100 security and usage deposit is required for all non-church sponsored activities (Deposit will be refunded if facility is properly cleaned, no damage occurs, and key is returned promptly. Custodial support can be provided at $30.00/ hr.) *
I agree to and will adhere to all the Facilities Usage Rules listed below: *
Facilities Usage Rules
1. The organization’s sponsor/signer must be at least 21 years old. Sponsor will assume responsibility for the conduct of the group, care of the premises & equipment, and any other part of the property being used.

2. As part of this agreement, a general description of the group and purpose for using the facility must be provided.

3. All groups should have a copy of their agreement with them, so that if two groups arrive at the same time the problem can be negotiated

4. Trinity Lutheran reserves the right to cancel this usage agreement should a conflict arise with Trinity Lutheran Church and School functions. Every effort will be made to provide the earliest possible notice when a conflict arises.

5. Cancellation of this agreement may occur for improper use of the facility as so determined by the Church Council and/or the Property Manager.

6. Any cancellations on the part of the organization should be made known as soon as possible to the Church Office (402-474-0606), to ensure efficient use of the facility.

7. Use of profanity or vulgarity and other un-Christian practices are not allowed at any time.

8. Smoking, use of alcoholic beverages and use of illegal substances are not allowed on the premises.

9. Use of the facility is confined to the parish hall, kitchen, elevator and adjacent restrooms. Guests are to be supervised at all times and are not allowed in any other part of the church.

10. All tables and chairs are to be cleaned and returned to their previous location.

11. All appliances, countertops and sinks are to be wiped clean.

12. Floors are to be swept and mopped.

13. Trash should be taken out to the trash dumpster and new bags placed in the trash can.

14. All lights should be turned off and ALL OUTSIDE DOORS MUST BE LOCKED before leaving.

15. Deposit checks should be written to Trinity Lutheran Church and noted to building usage. Checks may be delivered to the church office. Cash donations are also accepted

16. Should a facilities issue arise (refrigerator not working, door will not lock, etc.) contact Property Manager, Jesse Soenksen, @ 402-416-6790 immediately.

17. For other issues that may arise, please contact the Church Office @ 402-474-0606 as soon as possible.
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