The "Mr. B.'s Cafe" Sign- Materials and Animation Examination.
Well, Mr. B. has finally decided to retire from the teaching business. "What will he do now?", you ask? Well, ever since he was a little boy, hanging out at Zingo's Cafe with his Grandpa on Saturday mornings, Mr. B. has wanted to own a cafe and coffee shop. So, he will be heading out to the great Southwest to purchase a little cafe, which he will call "Mr. B.'s Cafe."

To that end, he would like to completely recreate the old "Zingo's Cafe" sign from his childhood. See some photos and a sample animation below (If you cannot access the Youtube video from the school network, check it on your phone or from home.) Recreate the FIRST sign, including all shapes, colors, materials, letters, etc. to the best of your ability in 3DS Max. Make sure that you NAME the cafe "Mr. B.'s Cafe", not "Zingo's". Your FONTS should look as close to the original as possible!

Don't forget the fancy flared pole and the cool edge designs on the star at the top of the sign!

Oh, and Mr. B. want to make the sign ROTATE, too (but not TOO fast!), so Mr. B. needs to see the words "Mr. B.'s" and "CAFE" on BOTH sides of the sign. Don't forget that!

Oh, and! This is going to be graded as an ASSESSMENT/TEST! Wow! That's gonna be a lot of points! Do your best!

PLEASE REFER TO ANY NECESSARY REVIEW MATERIALS TO COMPLETE THIS PROJECT (Mr. B. will NOT be helping you to complete this project, it is a TEST). I would highly recommend such useful learning resources as:

-The 3DS Max 3D Text Video Tutorial in the Three Minute Tutorial Folder (making 3D text).
-Video Tutorial 7.2 from the Chapter 7 folder (manipulating subobjects).
-Video Tutorials 8.3 and 8.4 from the Chapter 8 folder (using Materials).
-Video Tutorial 9.3 from the Chapter 9 folder (Rotation Animation).
-Instructions from the Mountain/ Airport Project regarding the use of CONTAINERS from 4/11 and 4/25 (I recommend putting your completed SIGN into a CONTAINER before trying to rotate it.

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The first Zingo's Cafe Sign
The second Zingo's Cafe Sign (notice the height of the sign in the upper right corner of the photograph!)
The third Zingo's Cafe Sign (this one from the bottom looking up.)
Sample Mr. B.'s Cafe Sign for this project (this is a Youtube video and may not be available on the school network, check on your phone, if necessary).
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