European Flight Safety Campaign: GA Pilot Questionnaire
This short anonymous questionnaire is intended for General Aviation leisure flight pilots. It addresses safety measures useful for preventing airspace infringements and mid-air collisions with commercial air transport aircraft in controlled and restricted airspaces. Your identity will not be recorded, and the data will be aggregated and used for statistical purposes only.

It focuses on equipment, navigation technologies and good practices before, during and after VFR flights.

Your responses will help produce and evaluate a European safety promotion campaign that will benefit GA pilots throughout Europe and save lives!

Thank you very much for your contribution.

Is your aircraft equipped with the following systems? *
Which of the following systems do you intend to install in the next 12 months? *
How many hours have you flown in the last 5 years? *
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In how many airspace infringements were you involved or nearly involved in the last 5 years? *
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What would you do to reduce the risk of airspace infringement? *
Please rate each suggestion below from 0 to 5, 0 meaning something you don’t at all consider doing and 5 meaning something you definitely consider doing.
Better prepare flights: check route, airspaces, NOTAMS, etc.
Use a navigation system /application.
Use paper maps.
Take note of FIS and ATC frequencies before flight.
Plan for the unexpected: for instance airspace or airport closure, sudden weather deterioration, technical problems and include alternate routes and airports in the plan.
Use a pre-flight checklist including aircraft, flight and personal conditions: how fit am I for this flight?
Improve radio communication skills.
Maintain radio communication with FIS during flight.
Stay visible: keep the transponder on at all time, including in case of infringement, even if this means being fined.
In normal circumstances, stick to the plan and do not improvise.
Inform FIS if I am lost or realise I have entered authorised airspace (infringement).
Deviate from the flight plan when required by the situation, even if this means landing on another airfield or returning to base.
Better review and debrief flight.
Report any airspace infringement or other incident.
Share flight experience with others (instructors, family and friends, flying club or association members, on social media, etc.)
Other (please specify below or rate it as 0)
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