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DAO Maker is the leading technology, marketing, and strategy consultancy in the digital asset space. This questionnaire is designed to aid us in acquiring necessary knowledge about your project and assessing your needs, goals, and budget. Please answer all questions with as much detail as possible.

Please note that our community building & acceleration campaigns last minimum 3 months at a minimal budget of $10000 USD monthly.

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Please describe an optimal community. How would it look like in terms of size, engagement and user-base.
What do you expect from our services? Please list all ideas & features that you would like to promote using social mining.
Are you looking to add specific features to the social Mining software relevant, only to your Blockchain? Please be as detailed as possible (Example: support 2 chains, added reputation for node runners, incentived testnets etc.):
What are the biggest problems you have been facing regarding community, marketing and coin narrative:
Please describe your current differentiation narrative guiding your marketing efforts. If you do not have any clear narrative skip this question. Please provide links to further information.
Describe your long term token ecosystem growth strategy:
What are recent key features & developments that you want to promote and build a narrative around?
Do you have merchandise? If yes please share links to your merchandise & giveaways.
Please name the platforms that you would like to build and engage new community members on:
Please list all countries and languages that you are currently targeting or aim to focus on:
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