MMM Suggestion Tray
Hello pets. I wanted to give you a chance to request a particular Mini Monday Moment you would love to see made into an audio. Remember, these are short 3-6 minute audios, purely SFW revolving around best friend, girlfriend experiences. They are designed to be cute, sweet, comforting or silly (or hell, all of the above!).

If you have an idea please tell me about it here and, if the idea is suitable, you'll see the audio made real in the next few weeks. If you'd like credit for the idea, then by all means, please tell me who you are and I'll make sure your name is included in the YouTube video.

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What's Your Idea? *
Tell me what you'd like to see made into a MMM. Be as specific as you need to be and, if the idea is appropriate to the tone of my MMMs I will ensure t is turned into an audio for you. These are usually gender neutral audios and I will assume this to be the case with your idea unless you specify otherwise. Remember, all MMMs are SFW only.
Your name
If you want to be credited for the idea, then please tell me what you'd like me to call you. If you prefer to remain annoymous, then feel free to leave this blank.
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