Mannered Mutts Rescue Initial Adoption Application
By filling out this application, the applicant affirms that all the information forward is correct and that the applicant/co-applicant are the ones applying for the dog and not applying for anyone else. Should any of the information submitted on this application determined to be false, Mannered Mutts Rescue retains the right to cancel all adoption proceedings and/or to order the immediate surrender of any dog adopted based on the information provided herein. Applicant affirms his/her understanding it will be his/her responsibility to surrender the dog at a location designated by Mannered Mutts Rescue.
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Thank you for applying. Mannered Mutts Rescue primarily serves the Southern Indiana area. If outside this range, please understand that we may or may not be able to approve your application due to distance. It depends on the dog.
First and Last Name *
Age *
Street Address *
City, State, and Zip Code *
Email address *
Phone number *
Preferred communication channel(s) *
Occupation & work hours *
If you have a specific dog that you would like to adopt please list their name here
Will there be any children staying in the home? *
If yes, how many and what are their ages?
Are there any dogs, cats, or other animals residing in your household? *
If yes, please list their name(s) and what they are
Have you previously owned any other dogs, cats, or other animals within the last five years? *
If yes, please list pet(s) name(s) and why they are no longer in your possession
I understand that I will need to provide medical records for all pets residing in the household regardless of whether they are owned by myself, another family member, or a roommate. *
I will instruct my vet(s)/clinic(s) to email: vaccination records, proof of purchase of heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives, and full medical history for all current/previous pets listed above to *
Do you *
If you rent, have you spoken to your landlord about adopting a dog to see if there are any breed/weight restrictions? Please provide landlord contact information *
Are you willing to obtain a crate and crate-train your new dog? *
I understand that Mannered Mutts Rescue is a balanced training based rescue that uses behavior modification devices and correctional tools like slip collars, prong/pinch collars, and muzzles. And if chosen to be placed with a dog, it will be my responsibility to reinforce the training that has been done. *
Thank you for applying to adopt from Mannered Mutts Rescue. We will review your application and a team member will be in contact with you as soon as we can. We thank you in advance for your patience.
In the meantime, if you could please contact your vet to verify that they can release your pets' records to us, we would greatly appreciate that. Once full vet records have been received your application can be processed further. Thank you!
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