Susanna Silvestro Piano Lessons
Susanna Silvestro performed at her first piano recital at age 5. She studied with a relative of the famous composer Khachaturian. She also studied with the late University of Texas Professor Danielle Martin, where she received her BA in music. She was a member of the UT Longhorn Singers and also attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston. She performs at a variety of Austin venues and in churches where she has led worship. She has been teaching piano and voice lessons in the Austin area for the past 15 years and is thrilled to accept this position at Regents. She also is a composer that aspires to use her music to make a difference in the world.

Susanna will teach his lessons in Rhetoric Hall room 131.

Lessons begin week of January 13 and end with a recital on Friday, May 8. There are 14-16 weeks/lessons in the spring semester. Fees for lessons are $28/30 minute lesson. Fees will be billed through FACTS in February.
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