Cowan Parent Technology Survey 2018 - 19 School Year
As our school corporation considers the potential move to eLearning Days in the future, we have a few questions that we would like to gather your feedback on.
Please select the grade levels for all your students at Cowan during the 2018-19 school year. Check all that apply. *
1. As a family, do you have a good internet connection at home that allows your student(s) to do homework online if necessary? *
If no, where would they access a computer or internet? Check all that apply.
2. Do you have a device at home that your student(s) can use to connect to the Internet other than a Smartphone? If so, what is this device that they would use to complete school work? Check all that apply. *
3. Describe the number of devices available in your home to complete school work. Do not include Smartphones in your answer. *
4. If our school corporation was approved for an eLearning day would your family utilize computer lab time at the school outside of the normal school day? *
5. Would you be in favor of your student(s) doing a day’s worth of homework online (or in a packet for younger grades) instead of making up the day at school? (Cowan would likely spread the make up work over a planned multiple day window rather than making all work up during the actual bad weather day.) *
1 to 1 technology question
6. Would you be in favor of a significant increase (between $40-$60) for textbook rental costs for all students to have access to a school owned device (Chromebook) at all times essentially making Cowan a 1-1 school district? (Please note: This is not required for an eLearning Day.) *
7. Please share any comments you would like about eLearning or 1-1 technology for Cowan Community Schools. (Not required)
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