Humanitarian UAV/Drone Code of Conduct: Open Community Input
In May 2018, WeRobotics co-organized an Experts Meeting on Drones in Humanitarian Action (documented here: One of the key agenda items for this meeting was a review of the International Humanitarian UAV/Drone Code of Conduct and Guidelines ( with the goal of updating said Code of Conduct by end of 2018. The Code of Conduct (CoC) is an open and transparent community-driven effort. This has been the case since the Code was first launched in 2014. As such, updates to said Code of Conduct must remain an open, transparent and multi-stakeholder process. This explains why we are once again inviting open input from the broader community to help update and improve the CoC.

To contribute to the next version of the Humanitarian UAV/Drone Code of Conduct and Guidelines, please review the existing text at and kindly provide your feedback using the form below. We ask that all feedback be provided by October 1st, 2018. Per previous updates of this CoC, a public and volunteer-driven committee will review all feedback received and update the CoC accordingly.

Many thanks for your time and support on this latest update to the Code of Conduct.

The Custodians of the Code of Conduct,

Humanitarian UAV Network
Please paste below the sentence(s) from the existing CoC that you recommend changing and kindly propose the updated text. If there are multiple sections that you recommend changing, please do so by completing this form again.
If there are protocols/guidelines missing from the existing CoC, then please suggest the new text here and be sure to specify in which section of the CoC this new text should be added. If you wish to add new text to multiple sections of the CoC, then please do so by completing this form again for each new piece of text.
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