CK Teen Mentor Program Application 2019-2020
Thank you for your interest in becoming a teen mentor for CK Schools.

The mentor application is designed to make sure you understand the commitment and maturity you must demonstrate for the entire school year.

As a teen mentor you will be meeting once a week with an elementary student in grades K-5. Teen mentors may be asked to mentor at any elementary school in the district. Your school assignment will be made with elementary children’s needs in mind. Many mentors have returned to the elementary school they attended. Your preference for elementary school will be honored when possible.

To become a Teen Mentor, you must:
>Be a 10th-12th grade student at CKHS, OHS, or KSS
>Maintain a 2.8 GPA.
>Attend school regularly.
>Agree to adhere to all CK Schools Mentoring Program policies and procedures.
>Agree to participate at least one school year.
>Commit to spending one hour each week with your mentee.
>Attend a mandatory mentor training
>Attend additional on-site training with your elementary coordinator.
>Be willing to talk with the staff and get all paperwork done on time.
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Interest Survey
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What other information would you like to share to help us better match you with a mentee? (For example: Do you have pets? Brothers/sisters? Unique personal attributes?)
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