SlaveClass Survey
Please feel free to pick and choose questions and say anything that comes to mind!
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Date of class you came to?
Is there anything that would make the class, notes, relevant blog posts, recording, or other resources more accessible?  Is there any other supplemental resource you'd like to see?
How did you find this event? (Which FetLife group, profile, website, etc.)
What times (with time zone) do you most want to attend these events during?
Did you notice any Zoom/technical issues, or issues with lighting and sound/ideas to fix them?
Did the use of any aids (whiteboard, document camera, etc.) seem to flow well?  Any advice?
Were there any points of the class you found confusing?  How could they be clearer?
What parts, if any, had you bored, zoned out, or switching to other activities?  Why? What could make those more engaging?
How was the pacing?  Were any sections too fast, too slow, etc?  Which ones?
What were your main takeaways from this class?
Any future class/elective ideas you'd like to see?
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