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1) Carlos has three mechanical pencils and two pens in his backpack. What is the ratio of mechanical pencils to pens? *
2) Brian is building a tree house in his backyard. He has used 20 nails to install 4 boards. How many boards and nails would Brian need if he doubled the amount of boards and kept the ratio of boards to nails the same? *
Blue Lake Boat Rental rents boats to customers at a ratio of 3 people to 1 boat. Complete the table below to show how many boats each group of people would need to rent. Then choose the answer choice that correctly represents the boat values in your table. *
4) Andrew worked eight hours and earned $128.00 dollars. How much money does Andrew earn per hour? *
5) Mrs. Clark has a jar of red and blue marbles on her desk. She adds marbles to the jar every time her class gets a compliment. There are 5 red marbles and 12 blue marbles in the jar. What is the ratio of red marbles to total marbles in the jar? *
6) Kristina and Lauren are both making rice crispy treats. Kristina uses a ratio of 19 ounces of rice crispy cereal to 8 ounces of marshmallows. Lauren uses a ratio of 10 ounces of rice crispy cereal to 2 ounces of marshmallows. Which of the following answers best describes which girl’s treat is crispier? *
7) David, Gavin, Susan, and Bailey are mixing ounces of blue and yellow paint in art class. They each make a green with yellow and blue paint in the following ratios; David: 2 ounces yellow to 3 ounces blue, Gavin: 4 ounces yellow to 5 ounces blue, Susan: 5 ounces yellow to 15 ounces blue and Bailey: 6 ounces yellow to 30 ounces blue. Whose color has the most yellow? *
8) Ricardo wants to paint the walls in his bedroom. He calculates the surface area of the four walls of his bedroom to be 261 square feet. The salesman at the hardware store tells Ricardo that he will need to buy 3 gallons of paint. If it takes 3 gallons to cover 261 square feet, how many square feet will 1 gallon cover? *
Kevin has been asked to re-stripe the field for football practice. He is using a tape measure that shows both feet and yards. His tape measure is old and worn and some of the numbers have faded. Please fill in the missing numbers so that Kevin can use the tape measure to complete the job. A portion of his tape measure is shown below. *
What are the missing numbers on Kevin’s tape measure?
10) What is the ratio of feet to yards for Kevin’s tape measure in simplest form? *
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