Registration: Radar building workshop (ENG)
Time: Saturday, 30.11.2019 at 15:00-16:30

One of the most important sensors for robot are it’s ”eyes”. For moving robot is necessary to avoid obstacles ahead. In this workshop we will talk specifically about the machine vision and how to create simple radar which can detect objects ahead and visualize their location on the screen. The same technology is used for parking sensors.

In the workshop we will learn hardware programming using the microcontroller board of Arduino Uno. It is possible to create different robotics prototypes using Arduino Uno and various sensors and programming it in C language.

Every participant will get the necessary hardware kit. There are 1 Arduino Uno microcontroller board, 1 Arduino USB cable, 1 bread board, 1 servo motor, 1 ultrasonic sensor and wires for bread board. The kit can take home after the workshop.

We will learn how to connect motor and ultrasonic sensor with Arduino Uno. We will measure the distance of the objects ahead and send the data to computer where we can generate the picture of the radar and show it on the screen in real time.

We will learn C programming language.

The workshop is with fee and it is needed to register in advance.

Fee: 55 €

Organizer: Digipurk.

Max participants: 12
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