Transfer Achievement Ceremony 2020 via Zoom
Congratulations on accomplishing a big milestone at Ohlone College. As a transfer student, we know how hard you worked to reach this goal and we want to celebrate you even though the campus is closed due to COVID-19.

Let's join together to showcase you and where you will be transferring. Please complete this form and we will send you more information.
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What four-year college will you be transferring to? (If you have not made a decision, please add your first choice*) *
What will you be majoring in? *
Please provide us with a short 1-3 sentence blurb you would like to share with our guests: *
We will be doing a slideshow, if you would like to be in it, please provide us with a picture (cap and gown, transfer school attire, etc) *
Have their been any faculty or staff that has contributed to your success? If so, please add their first and last name along with a short message. *
Will you be having guests join? If yes, please include how many. *
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