#UnfairHikes Action to Fix the T: June 30th & July 1st
Derailments and ongoing service disruptions aren’t the main problem facing the T; they’re symptoms of what we must fundamentally change: a deteriorating system lacking leadership, investment and accountability.

On July 1st, a 6% fare hike on subway and commuter rail passes will go into effect. These hikes will place an undue burden on residents already struggling to meet transportation-related costs, totaling an unaffordable 41% increase in MBTA fares since 2012.

The fare increase represents a step in the wrong direction when we can’t afford anything less than aggressive progress forward. The amount of revenue raised on the backs of riders won’t even come close to the funding needed for frequent, reliable, affordable and sustainable service.

Commuters are frustrated with the lack of urgency, and it's time to take action.

Our goal for Monday, July 1st, is to station volunteers at each MBTA stop and on each train during the morning rush hour commute, helping to engage riders and spark a conversation throughout the day and beyond about what we could do NOW if we marshal the political will to act with urgency.

We’ll also gather on Sunday, June 30th at 1PM at Park St. T Station for a #BostonTParty rally to distribute materials for the next day’s action.

Please sign up below to get the latest updates and let us know how you can help! See you there.
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