Flogging Punishment Questionnaire
Detailed information helps ensure the credibility of your report. When completing the flogging questionnaire, please give us as many details as you can, and tell us how you know about the details you are providing.
Please do not click the Enter key before completing the questionnaire. If you leave this page mistakenly, before completing the questionnaire, click on Edit Your Response to return to the questionnaire.
First and last name of flogging victim
Or the victim's initials
The name of the victim
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Victim's gender
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Victim's age at the time of sentence
Sentencing date
Sentencing authority and city
Charge or reason given for issuing the sentence
Number of lashes
Date and location of sentence implementation (if applicable)
Was the flogging case reported by the media (if yes, please explain)
Additional information on victim and circumstances
First and last name of the person filling out the questionnaire
Your first and last name
Your contact information (optional)
Should we keep your identity as the source of information confidential?
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