L3 Classical Studies: Student Questionnarie
This is an in-depth questionnaire so take your time and give it some thought. Spend the whole lesson on it if necessary. Please answer the following questions with some thought where required. It will help develop the course based on your interests and give me an insight into your interests.
1. Name *
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2. Subjects *
What other subjects are taking this year
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3. Have you taken a course by video conference before? *
4. What are you favourite subjects at school and why? *
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5. Have you taken Classical Studies before? *
6. If you answered yes to question 5, what topics did you study and what areas really captured your interest?
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7. If you answered no to question 5, what are your expectations of Classical Studies? What do you think it is about? What do you hope it is about? Why did you decide to take it?
Try and answer all the questions in the space provided
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8. What are your expectations of Classical Studies this year? What do you want to get out of it? *
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What goals / thoughts have you got for life after school is finished? *
Any career plans or thoughts? Tertiary study? Travel?
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