Super MAGFest 2019
Hello! I'm Kelvin, a cosplay photographer with a focus on retouching, dynamic lighting, and vivid colors. Listed here are my rates and procedures. If you'd like to work with me, please fill out the form below and I'll reach out to discuss booking details and arrange a scheduled time. Thanks for your interest and I hope we can create some amazing photos together :D

# Availability, Scheduling, and Processes

* Currently booking for Thursday evening through Sunday evening
* Please fill out the form once per cosplay
* Bookings will be finalized starting 3 weeks from the con. Slots are not confirmed until deposit is received (see pricing below)
* Reservations will be based on availability (first come first serve) and interest in your cosplay (as bookings fill up)
* * Character designs: Fantasy elements, axes/spears/bows, capes/veils, flashy colors or goth/grunge, wings
* * Example animes: most of Studio Trigger, Panty & Stocking, Code Geass, Evangelion, Madoka
* * Example franchises: Fire Emblem, Fate, Granblue Fantasy, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, League of Legends, SINoALICE
* If you would like to choose your photos, I will pare down the shots we take into the strongest poses and let you select among slight variations between them. These will be sent to you within 2 weeks
* Final edits will be returned within 6 weeks of you confirming the shots to edit (or just within 8 weeks of the convention)

# Pricing
* Pricing is based on the number of desired photos back. All photos are edited and retouched to the same standard
* Payment is 100% in advance to confirm a booking and is non-refundable if you cancel within 1 week of the convention. However, shoots may be rescheduled to different time or a later convention, depending on availability
* Photos returned come with a personal use license (non-commercial). Other licensing options available

## Package A
4 photos / $80 / 1 person
* Perfect for solos and small groups
* +$20 per additional person (includes +1 photo) or additional edit / max +3
* 45 mins shooting time

## Package B
8 photos / $150 / Includes up to 3 people
* For more photos or larger groups
* +$15 per additional person (includes +1 photo) or additional edit
* 90+ mins shooting time

## Collaborations
* Based on availability; contact me directly
* Collaborations mean that I expect you to put as much work into preparing for the shoot as I will
* * Bring creative ideas to the table and know what thematic and compositional elements you desire
* * Strong portfolio of posing experience and cosplay craftsmanship

# Use Policy

* For photo attribution, I will tag you in the photo (unless not wanted) as well as link in you the description (or external platform URL), and expect you to do the same
* Non-commercial license is exclusively for personal photo sharing. It cannot be used for any direct or indirect income-generation, such as (but not limited to): Patreon-exclusivity, advertising discounts on web stores, sponsored reviews, or advertising vendors
* Otherwise, photos are licensed for personal use (includes non-commercial printing) as well as individual advertising (e.g. sponsored reviews, personal promo codes, or advertising commercial channels)
* Contact for additional usage, such as Patreon-exclusive content, print selling, or other publishing or commercial use

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Banner image, left to right: IG @alyssaraecosplay, @princess.rabbits, @kitkat_cosplay, @luxlocosplay, @rolyatistaylor

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Scheduling Requests
You can see my current Katsucon schedule for availability at
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Booking Wednesday afternoon through Sunday evening
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If you do not wish to select your photos, I will pick the ones to edit based on overall strength of composition
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If you, or anyone in your group, is under 18, I require parent or guardian sign off
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