People's Church Overnight Permission Form
Completing this form indicates you give permission for your child or children to spend the night at the People's Church K-6th grade sleepover from 6 pm Nov. 1, 2019, through 9 am Nov. 2, 2019.
Names and ages of child(ren) *
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Allergies (please indicate which child has each allergy) *
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Medications (please indicate which child takes which medication) *
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If there is an emergency situation, do you give permission for the adults in charge to use their best judgement regarding treatment of your child? **Please be sure you have completed a current RE registration form with your correct health insurance information.** *
If necessary, what is your preferred hospital? *
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Your name *
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Name of anyone else authorized to pick up your child *
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Best phone numbers to reach you during the time of the sleepover: *
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I will be spending the night to chaperone: *
I can come early to help set up the potluck. *
I will stay to help clean up after the potluck: *
I will be at church to help clean at 7:30 am Saturday morning: *
I would like to help run games, crafts, or other activities on Friday evening. *
Please let us know what type of food you plan to bring (veg. main, meat main, side dish, dessert) so we can try to provide a good variety of foods that will work for everyone. *Please label any dish you bring with the following allergens: red dye, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish or other seafood. Please consider bringing a dish that does not contain these allergens if possible. Please also bring a healthy snack for children to share during movie time, and please avoid the listed allergens for snacks. *
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