OST Madrichim Application 2018-2019

Program Description
Madrichim are best translated as guides and often refer to leaders -- a madrich is a male guide and a madricha is a female guide.

Madrichim are expected to attend ALL Sunday Learning Community sessions. If you are unable to attend one of the sessions you must notify two out of the following three people in advance: the Teacher, the Education and Engagement Coordinator, and the Director of Education and Engagement.

Our madrichim program offers 8th-12th grade teens the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, to increase self-confidence, express Jewish values, and learn practical teaching skills by assisting teachers in the classroom. This is a great way to contribute to our school in a truly meaningful and rewarding way. Your responsibility as a madrich/ah will be to assist teachers with lessons, tutor students, and help plan and execute activities. We will do our best to make this commitment flexible depending on your schedule. All madrichim will work under the supervision of the classroom teachers and the Education and Engagement Coordinator and the Director of Education and Engagement.

The madrichim program this year offers one on one attention with me to help each of you grow individually. We will be meeting twice a year to reinforce the mentorship experience. We encourage madrichim to serve as volunteers and receive community service credit. Monetary compensation will be paid via direct deposit (to be setup by September 30) so be sure to set up your direct deposit immediately. In order to fulfill the payment agreement, madrichim are expected to be present and active in the classroom. You carry the responsibility of being a role model towards the younger students and it is vital that you set a good example.

Madrichim Attendance Policy
Madrichim are expected to be at each Sunday Learning session 15 minutes before class begins. While emergencies arise, absences are taken seriously because students and teachers are depending on the Madrichim. We do understand that occasional absences are unavoidable and acceptable; however you MUST notify two out of the following three people in advance: the Teacher, the Education and Engagement Coordinator, and the Director of Education and Engagement (contact information can be found in the Madrichim Binder on the Google Drive).
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