Dustcovery 2018 Associate Producer
GVIAS has worked hard to ensure that it develops a pool of strong leaders and event planners. This is important so that the same people aren't organizing and running multiple events for a period of time and then burn out, leave and take all the knowledge with them.

Dustcovery is an exciting event to produce and we are looking for an Associate Producer who would like to participate in planning the event from start to finish. This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to receive mentorship and add some skills to their tooolbox and resume.

Andi Candi has produced Dustcovery for the past 3 years and will be the producer for 2018 Dustcovery. She has also served on the Burn in the Forest production team for 2 years. In her default world life, she produces large scale community events including parades and large festivals for hundreds of thousands of people. She is willing to provide mentorship and involve the associate producer in the entire event planning process including:
- Venue bookings and contracts
- Supplier bookings (security, tents, fencing, etc.)
- Team Lead recruitment and management
- Chairing planning meetings (creating agendas, running meetings)
- Liaising with Film and Special Events office, police and fire
- Submitting event permits and liquor license applications
- Production schedule
- Recruitment of art projects and theme camps
- Volunteer management
- Budget management
- Post production activities

If you like organizing, enjoy managing people and have some experience planning events (even if they are small!), please consider applying. You will need to be able to commit to 2-5 hours per week from May - September and then ramp up to 7-10 hours per week closer to the event in October.

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How do you handle stress and pressure? How do you manage a lot of details? How do you practice self care?
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Scenario: It is Dustcovery Event Day. An artist shows up, 2 hours before event start time, with an art project that they didn't register ahead of time. It is large and needs power. At the same time, the volunteer coordinator lets you know that the lighting volunteers are late and haven't shown up yet. The venue manager also comes to tell you that the food truck parked outside needs to be moved immediately because it is too close to a propane tank. How do you think you would you handle this? What steps would you take?
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Scenario: In the afternoon on event day, a group of artists starts setting up their art piece NOT in the space that was allocated to them, but in someone else's space. When you approach them to tell them that they will need to move, they all start getting angry and upset with you. How would you handle this? What steps would you take?
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