University of California System-Wide Faculty Statement of Support for UC Dream Scholars
At the University of California, Dream Scholars are students who reside in the United States from a young age without lawful immigration status. They attended schools in California, including its public high schools, and their academic achievements earned them a place at one of the University of California’s ten campuses. For over fifteen years, California state law has allowed the University of California to admit and matriculate Dream Scholars as in-state students. Like many other students, these Dream Scholars have worked hard every day for a better future for themselves and for their families.

We, the undersigned faculty of the University of California, express our strong and unwavering support for Dream Scholars and students from mixed immigration status families on our campuses. We recently have witnessed an increase in acts of hate and intimidation on college campuses and elsewhere, especially against members of immigrant communities. We thus feel compelled to reaffirm our deep and abiding commitment to the education of all our students—to every member of our diverse academic community here at the University—and we are in solidarity against any hostile acts and policies that might undermine that commitment. We believe in a University committed to excellence in research and teaching, and that provides opportunities for all of our students. As we continue to address the most pressing problems of our state, our nation, and our world, we know that bright young students—motivated and eager to learn—are truly our best hope, irrespective of the difficult circumstances that brought some of them to our campus, and to us. We remain honored to teach students of every conceivable background, and as their teachers, we wish to let them know again that they are all welcome here, that we have faith in their aspirations, and that mutual respect and concern for one another should always remain at the heart of the University of California.

UPDATE 9/4/2017:
Thank you for signing the UC System-Wide Faculty Statement of Support for UC Dream Scholars and helping us reach our goal of 1,000 faculty signatures!

There are many uncertainties in the days ahead with the possible abolishing of the executive order that authorized Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) which allows many of our UC undocumented students to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and eligibility for a work permit. In light of this, a document compiling the UC Faculty Statement of Support and individual petitions from all ten UC campuses was forwarded again to President Napolitano. The document contains 13,000 petition signatures (students, faculty, staff, alumni and UC community members) and an additional 1,090 faculty signatures from the faculty statement of support.

Today, we ask you to share our statement with your students, staff, colleagues, and friends around the UC, California, the nation and the world using social media or email. Below, is the abbreviated version of the faculty statement of support and a cloud of words representative of the historical 13,000 signatures of support for UC’s Dream Scholars. Share them!

We thank you for your support.

UC Dream Scholar Ally Network

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THANK YOU for helping us reach 1,000. Now at 1,090 signees and counting. Let's keep adding signatures!

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