IFCC TF-YS Survey: YS training & career
Dear Colleagues,

We are approaching you related to the survey of IFCC Task Force - Young Scientists (YS) in laboratory medicine about YS training worldwide. We would like to submit to you the following questionnaire which we kindly ask you to fill in. (approximative 10 minutes)

Dr Pradeep K Dabla, Chairman of IFCC TF-YS
Dr Guilaine Boursier, Core Member & Coordinator

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2. Your Name and Surname
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5. How old are you ? *
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6. Is your country an IFCC member ? *
7. What are your area of expertise ? *
8. You are a... *
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9. How many years did you spend at university to become a specialist in laboratory medicine (educational background) ? *
10. How many years were devoted to practical training at hospital (training course) ? *
(We will add this duration to the duration of Q9 to have the total length of study)
11. In which fields did you train ? *
12. Do you sign and interpret results for patients in your everyday practice ? *
13. Do you do some research in your job ? *
13 bis. If yes, what kind of research do you perform ?
Comments - What are your field of research ?
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14. Do you take part of scientific publications ? *
15. Is publication mandatory for graduating ? *
16. Your opinion for career hindrance *
Comments about your opinion for career hindrance
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17. Your career prospects : *
18. To reach your career prospects, which one you score highest ? *
19. How do you have known IFCC TF-YS ? *
20. Have you visited IFCC TF-YS webpages ? *
21. Which TF-YS programme you like to follow ? *
22. What new programme you expect to add by TF-YS ?
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23. Would you like to work closely with TF-YS and submit 200 words proposal for new programme ? *
24. Would you be interested in participating in IFCC scientific activities?
24.bis If YES, which topics ?
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25. What do you expect from IFCC TF-YS ? *
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