Basement Teen Center Survey-- Oct 2018
Let us know if you have any questions! None of your answers are a commitment, we are just trying to get a feel for what everyone wants to do at the BTC.
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Which of these programs would you come to? *
If you selected "Movie Night" as a program you would come to, which movies would you be interested in seeing in a group at the BTC?
If you selected "Job Training" as a program you would come to, what jobs are you interested in learning about?
Would you like to be involved in planning/ hosting any of the programs you selected? Which ones? *
Select things you are interested in! *
Are you interested in any team sports? Which ones? *
Are you interested in any individual sports/ physical activities? Which ones? *
What might you be interested in discussing or learning about at the BTC? *
Any elaborations on your above choices or interests we missed?
What are your expectations/ wants from Paul and Mari? *
What are your expectations/ wants from other young people at the BTC? *
Do you have any needs you want us to know about? (examples: English as a second language, stress triggers, learning needs) *
Any final comments/ questions/ concerns? *
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