40OverFashion Survey
Gentlemen, THANK YOU for taking a minute to fill this out! There's absolutely ZERO obligation on your part and I appreciate your time and feedback.

I'm working on a video course and coaching program and I need YOUR HELP with tailoring it to meet your specific needs. Sounds vague, I know, but this course will include approximately 5-6 specific modules that cover topics like; STYLE, SELF ESTEEM, INTIMACY, DEATH, HEALTH and DATING. This will be my entire life's experience geared towards helping men live better lives and maximizing all the time they have left.

Once I have the BETA launched, I'll need about 20-25 guys MAX to join me every week (potentially 6-8 weeks) on a ZOOM call and provide feedback and opinions on what I'm developing. This course will be heavily focused on topics/input that YOU suggest. These 20-25 men will be the Founding Contributors and will have access to the finished course at no additional cost.

Once BETA is launched, this survey and application process will go out to over 5,000 people on my email list, and I'll also plug it on my YouTube channel. I'm assuming the spots will fill up rather quickly. So if you're interested, please fill this out and leave a *optional note for me at the bottom.
Email address *
Are you interested in becoming one of 25 founding contributors to help me design a program to help men live better lives? *
If YES, can you commit to weekly ZOOM video calls for approximately 6 weeks? *
Would you be willing to pay $499 USD to be part of the exclusive Founding Contributor team? *
If NO, what price do you feel is fair? List below. Please keep in mind that once the course is finalized, you WILL NOT be charged the higher completed price to have it for yourself. *
If you have any additional thoughts or questions, please write me here. Thank you!
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