FOA Take Two: Peer Feedback
Help your classmates improve their presentation-giving skills. Be kind and constructive. Words matter. Thanks!
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What class period do you have IB English?
How well did the presenter focus on the way that language is used for a particular audience or purpose in their FOA? *
Little new information was shared that is academically or socially useful. #meh
Very prepared: my worldview will now be more analytical and evidence-based. #imshook
Which of the language topics does the presenter use? Check all that apply. *
What did you learn from this person about presenting, language, or the world? *
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Any compliments or constructive feedback that might benefit the presenter? Be kind and helpful. *
Really, it's required to be kind and helpful. I will give the presenter your words verbatim.
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Connect any one text from 11th or 12th grade English class, thematically or structurally or in terms of conventions, to the presentation given (complete ideas). [Ex: The casual racism of the speaker's vernacular reflects the casual racism inherent in the dialogue in Twain's Huck Finn.] *
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