MCYD Executive Board Application
Please use the form below to apply for a position on the Monmouth County Young Democrats Executive Board. These are the positions currently available:

-Vice President
-Secretary/Director of Communications
-Director of Events
-Director of Community Outreach

Below, you will find descriptions for each position. Please feel free to apply for any position of interest by answering the questionnaire below the descriptions.



The President shall oversee and preside over all meetings, activities, and events of the Monmouth County Young Democrats and may serve as an ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall act in the interest of the Monmouth County Young Democrats and the Monmouth County Democrats and serve as a liaison with other recognized Democratic organizations, both within and outside of Monmouth County.

Vice President

The Vice President shall preside over the organization in the absence of the President and assist the President and the Executive Board in the performance of duties and responsibilities. The Vice President shall manage and oversee the elections process, as outlined in Article V, of the Monmouth County Young Democrats. The Vice President shall maintain a membership roster to ensure members are in good standing.


The Treasurer shall be a custodian of all funds paid to the Monmouth County Young Democrats and maintain accurate accounts of all received and disbursed funds. The Treasurer shall prepare and file financial statements to the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) and other state, county, or local agencies.

Secretary/Director of Communications:

The Secretary and Director of Communications shall record minutes of the meetings, provide a written report of meetings to the general membership, regularly maintain and update all communications channels, and be responsible for any and all public communications. The individual in this role shall exercise the dual responsibilities equally and effectively.

Director of Events

The Director of Events shall be responsible for organizing, planning, and executing events and activities of the Monmouth County Young Democrats. Events may include fundraising events; leadership seminars; and political training. The Director of Events may establish a committee to assist him or her in executing these events.

Director of Community Outreach:

The Director of Community Outreach shall organize recruitment efforts and community service events. Initiatives may include: coordinating with local universities and colleges; partnering with local Democratic clubs; and reaching out to potential new members. The Director of Community Outreach may establish a committee to assist him or her in executing these events.
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