TRR National Clinic Participant Survey (pre-clinic)

Team River Runner provides national clinics to disabled veterans and volunteers and we are always looking to improve.  This survey will help us determine how to continue to provide the best opportunities to our participants.  Information also helps us to continue to receive funding from generous sponsors, donors, and grantors.  Your thoughtful responses to this survey are very much appreciated and your voice will be heard!  Unless you choose to provide your contact information, this survey is completely anonymous.  We have no way to link survey responses to individuals.  
Pre-clinic questions
Please answer the following questions to help us understand what we need to address for future clinics.
Has the information that you've received made it clear what to expect at the event? *
Do you believe that the event will provide a safe space? *
Do you believe that you will learn new material or skills?
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Do you believe that you will be challenged to grow?
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Do you believe that this event will add quality to your life?
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Would you recommend Team River Runner to other Veterans?
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Where does Team River Runner operate?
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Personal Information
Please give us some information about you.  Our funding source requests that we collect certain demographic and individual information from our participants.  You are not required to answer all of the questions.  Please answer those that you feel comfortable answering.  Responses are shared with our funding source.  Required questions are marked with an asterisk.
Your age: *
Applicant's ethnicity, race, or identity (select all that apply):
What is your gender?
Do you identify as LGBTQIA+?
Are you Active Duty, Veteran, or non-military? *
Do you have a disability?
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If yes, please list disabilities below.
If you would be willing to participate in a follow up survey in 3-6 months, please provide your email address below.  If you would like your survey responses to remain anonymous, please email and let him know that you would be willing to participate in a follow up survey.  Thank you!
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