Revenge of the Corsairs Quiz
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Laura and Elias: The heroine and hero of Revenge of the Corsairs
10. Laura Cappleman and Sophia Green have an uncle who is a Professor at Cambridge. His interest is in:
9. Before joining Kit Hardacre on the Calliope, Elias Nash was a:
8. Before the Calliope, Kit Hardacre's previous ship was called:
7. Ahmed Sharrouf, the one-armed informant in Captive of the Corsairs has his headquarters on which island:
6. Laura Cappleman entertains the dream of:
5. Jonathan Afua holds this role on the Calliope
4. Morwena Gambino runs a business that sells:
3. Emir Selim Omar's third wife is called:
2. Elias Nash has a particular talent. It is:
1. Laura Cappleman and her cousin Sophia are rescued from:
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