Escape the Hidden Temple
Welcome to our escape room! Can you Indiana Jones your way through this ancient temple and make it out with the treasure?

Anyone can play Escape the Hidden Temple - either solo or in a group. Younger players might find it a bit difficult, so try to have a teen or adult around to help them out!

This escape room was created by staff at the Canmore Public Library. Visit our website or email us at if you have any feedback.

Image credits:
An ancient temple door... by lensnmatter on flickr
Colorful Gems by Missy Mooty Russell on TeachersPayTeachers
Egypt Basic Alphabet Hieroglyphics by Alexandrienne on TeachersPayTeachers
Pirate Coins from
Treasure chest by Hans Middendorp on

If you can't solve a puzzle on the first try, click back or next to try again.

Enjoy the escape!
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