Survey for Mass attendance (Sacred Heart, Oscoda)
Please remember that it is important to be secure in your own personal decision for your health or others not to come to Mass at this time.Know we are praying for you!

This survey is not a ticket but it just gives us an idea of which Masses people may be attending.

• All the faithful in the Diocese of Gaylord are still dispensed from their Sunday obligation to attend Mass through Sunday, September 6, 2020. Those who wish to attend Mass may consider that they have fulfilled their Sunday obligation not only on Sunday but by attending Mass any day of the week. It is helpful to spread Mass attendance throughout the week since we are not allowed to go over 25% of the capacity of the church. We will continue to record and post videos of Mass each day. No one has to come to church at this point. It is a beautiful expression of our faith together for those who are vulnerable to this virus to continue to worship and pray at home.
• Those who are symptomatic or who have been exposed to another with the virus within 14 days need to stay at home. Members of the same household are to remain home as well. Before coming to church, everyone should take their temperature at home. If a person’s temperature is at or above 100.4 (CDC guideline) they and members of their household must remain at home.
• Those who are at risk because of age (65 and older) or because of an underlying health issues are strongly encouraged to remain at home. Remember that by the power of the Holy Spirit we are all still united in the Body of Christ even at home!
• It is expected for people to wear face coverings/masks inside the church. Parents should consider health guidelines and then use their judgement regarding whether small children can or should wear them.
• It is important that we wash/sanitize our hands often before, during and after church. Please bring your own hand sanitizer.

Please be considerate when choosing which Mass you may be wanting to attend. Our hope is to have enough space for all those who wish to come to Mass at this time at least once a week since we can only accommodate 150 within the church.
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