Christmas Craft Make & Take 2018
The Christmas Craft Make & Take is an FSP event open to FSP member families and friends. This event, scheduled for Saturday, December 15, 2018, from 9am to 12pm, is a co-operatively run crafting event for students in grades K-12. Every family sends at least one parent who provides a craft or assists another parent in their craft. Every child then gets to make and take home a variety of beautiful crafts! In the past, we've had Christmas ornaments (using many different mediums), hand-dipped candles, no-sew fleece pillows and blankets, origami and paper quilling projects, and much more!

Before you register, please read carefully. The questions help us to ensure adequate crafts for each level, as well as enough crafts for the number of kids expected. The questionnaire also enables us to support your specific craft table needs and provide a fun and safe environment. Only pre-registered children may participate. Because we try to ensure every child has the opportunity to craft, we ask that you do your best to keep your commitment to participate. However, if your child is sick, please do not bring them. As a parent, you should still plan to attend or arrange for a replacement.

Please note that ALL participating families must have at least one parent provide or help with a craft table. This event can only happen as a co-operative, and so we need your help! Everyone signs up to provide a craft. Craft projects should not take more than 20 minutes to complete (or 30 minutes for high school level crafts that are more complex). We have typically had very few to no high schoolers participate - though we would love to have more - so please think more about crafts that are suitable for elementary to middle school children.

We will be enjoying baked goods and beverages as we are wrapping up our crafting time. Please bring cookies or other Christmas snack items to share with all during this time. FSP will provide the drinks.

If you have a craft planned out, and/or a partner, please provide it in the appropriate blanks. Please be as accurate as possible when providing information about crafts and children. The grade you hope to provide for may need to be adjusted to ensure all grades are covered and that every family can participate. Questions with an asterisk (*) require a response. Thank you for your cooperation in being flexible.

If you have any questions or need suggestions on craft projects, please contact Candy or Janet with "Christmas Craft" as the subject. Our emails are and
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